Deleted Plug In

When I updated the ShareThis plug in button in my blog, it got a syntax error. My blog could not be viewed, I forgot where to delete. I know I just have to delete it in my hosting control panel but I forgot even the password. I have to call the one who provided me the hosting and she told me that I have to delete it under files then point the domain and delete the plug in that I just downloaded in my blog. It took me a while to figure out what was my password and finally I was able to track it. I deleted the said plug in under my files in my control panel hosting and since I could no longer use the ShareThis button because of the error. A friend suggested to just using what’s in Jetpack and so I activated it again and re-activated the share button I have before. Now of course I can’t just leave my other blog without an update deleted the ShareThis button even though I learned that the author made an update again. I can’t gamble my blogs anymore so I choose to delete even though I love the plug in so much.

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