Pad On My Hand

Somebody called me one morning about the TelPad from PLDT; this is like a tablet, a jellybean that is so hit nowadays. I wanted to have one but I just don’t have a budget for now. One of the staffs in PLDT already called me about this tablet before but I didn’t get it because I need some time to decide. But I was really interested with this gadget, and so I went to PLDT together with my kids and inquire the gadget. My friend said it would be better to buy another one because the TelPad cost a lot, although I just have to pay it with installment basis but of course I didn’t listen because I really want to experience to have this kind of gadget in my hand. I want to see how this little computer works, like playing games, taking picture with it put it in Instagram and FB and etc, etc.

On the other hand, as a budget finance in the family when I am starting to use it, I felt sorry for myself why did I let myself convinced to get this kind of gadget, I feel like the money that I will be paying for this will go wasted. But so far I am enjoying the gadget though, I just don’t need to think of those installment fees every month, I will need to enjoy this one so I will not feel sorry at all. I should have listened.

 photo HPIM1091_zps881f48bc.jpg

This is the front view

 photo HPIM1092_zps11f84a1a.jpg

And the side view

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