Perfect In Computer

I am just so happy that Faith got perfect in her computer subject, I mean yeah it is expected since she loves computer so much.

Every time she got a star from school, when she asks me if she could use the computer, I always tell her yes. And right there and then when we arrived at home, she would open the Kidzui browser immediately. Yes and nothing else, there are also games in Kidzui so that’s already enough for her to pacify herself and while she is in the computer; I would clean the whole house quickly.

So no wonder that Faith got perfect in the computer, she was at 2 when she learned to browse and it surely amazed her until now, her day is not complete without opening the Kidzui browser. But of course, there are still limitations; since she is going to school every day one hour of using the computer will be enough for her because she has to study her lesson at school.

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