Hight Tech Accessories

We were eating in a restaurant one day when I noticed some guys at the sink trying to figure out how they could use the automatic faucet and the automatic hand dryer. They were laughing at themselves because they thought that the faucet seems not working. When I approached to wash my hands, they gave me a way; they sit down at the bench near the sink observing what I was doing. The faucet has like laser so I just point my hand there and then the water flow. The drier was easy, as it is the same drier with other restaurant. I just point also my hand there so the air can come out. When I was done, I heard the three teenagers giggling and said so that is how we should operate. I admit, I am sometimes ignorant with some high tech stuffs and I also just observe with other people who used it ahead of me and so I would learn.

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