Our Sporty Manual Car

Yes, we already bought a car but unfortunately we bought a not automatic again, so we are not in with the high tech today, lol. But I love what we bought now, because I am not sending it always to the shop. It is a minivan so I am safe with flood if I have to drive when it is raining. My old Toyota car does not have a stereo and this one doesn’t have too, the stereo player is busted so I need to get one if I need to listen to music while driving. Of course I am saving for it, I mean for the meanwhile the tablet and my phone can help me yet while my car is still stereo less, it is not necessary to buy the stereo right away. I know I will be getting that in the near future. Anyway I thought I could not drive another type of car, I was really hesitant at first but I did, I mean I tried my best since my husband is already willing to buy that Nissan Marge, an automatic car but it is so small. I guess he could not even fit to that car, I know I need a bigger car, a bigger space for him so he will be comfortable while I am driving for him. I am so happy that I am able to drive for him, no need to hail a cab whenever we need to go out. And oh, this one is diesel as well, so it is not that heavy in my pocket when I have to refuel the car. So far I am happy with what we got.

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