You Can Now Use Your Name In Yahoo Without Any Hassle

When I first sign up with Yahoo before, I was very ignorant, it takes me a while to figure out how to process and submit my details for me to be able to log in to their chat. I tried first my name but it always prompt me that the username that I tried to log in has already been taken. You see it really takes a while to be able to get the right and available username for you; this would lead not to be able to remember your username because you are not familiar at all with the one that you log in because you are just inputting the username that it is available or what yahoo suggested. I tell you it is really a hassle for us especially when we don’t remember at all the username the next time we log. However, we don’t worry that anymore because Yahoo would allow you already to get the username that you wanted, your name perhaps. You just need to submit your name 5 letters max and submit your contact like email address and viola, you can use your name already. This is good news for newbies and for us who really like to use our name for our log in details. Yahoo still rocks!

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