My 1980’s Car

If before you cannot do anything with your car, it is different now because even the most vintage car you can already upgrade it to something new. When I have my 1989 model Toyota car, my friend always advised me to go a shop to upgrade my car, to make it impressive and new. She even suggested getting me a power steering because mine was too hard. I had a hard time at first but later when I get used to it; it was so easy for me at all. The only thing that is really hard on my part was when I have to park, when I have to turn the steering wheel full left or full right, I tell you, I get full sweat as well. But I was thankful that I have driven the 1980’s car, it taught me very well how to drive. One even said that it is very ugly, but who cares? I just love it even though it pissed me off as always every time it needs repair.

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