Called From My Computer

When my husband arrived in Manila to get here, he arrived about 10:00 in the evening then, he messaged me that he could no longer call me. I tried my phone to call him but I have no credits already. And there is no stores open already at that time. Then I thought of my Skype account, I knew I could call through it, I mean I have tried it before and it works. I just need to buy credits through my PayPal then I am good to go, I was worried about how much would it cost but I guess I only spent $10.00. After I purchased a credit to my Skype account, I was able to connect with my husband right away. He didn’t know the number but thank GOD he picked it up, maybe I messaged him to pick it up though otherwise he won’t answer my call. I was very thankful that I was able to remember Skype at that very moment that I need to contact my husband, until now I am still enjoying the credits yes I still have credits on my Skype from the day I purchase it on June. And it is already August now yet I still have some left in my credits, I hope it would last until the day my husband would arrive in Manila again.

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