Samsung S3 Soon

Just this week, I and my niece found a phone that I could buy maybe next week. It is the Samsung S3 Mini, it only cost P12, 000.00, which is absolutely fits to my budget. Yes I will be buying another phone after I will have a car stereo installed then I will buy that Samsung I so want. I thought to buy an Iphone, but it is too expensive, although there’s another option and that is to have it with instalment basis. The Globe is offering an Iphone and that is two years payment, I just have to submit a one month paper remittance and I will be good however I am worried that I will just felt sorry at the end just like the tab that I have now. It is three years to pay and my friends said I could get the same tab with cheaper price on cash. I don’t want to feel sorry again with a new phone, so far my savings are already enough, I just need to deposit more money for back up so it will not wiped out when I have to withdraw some money for the phone.

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