Virtual Shopping

It is not yet available in the Philippines but one country already has this kind of technology while shopping. It is like when you go to the mall, you will just pick some items through touch. It is called virtual shopping, the counters and displays are not the usual counters in the mall that you will pick some goods and put it in your basket or cart. This kind you would just have to point or touch the items that you like to buy and then when it’s time for you to pay your items, all the items would be available already at the cashiers after you paid all your purchases. See how convenient it is to the customers, you don’t need to push or grab some carts for you to put all your times but you just point or touch. But I guess this kind of gadgets or equipment is not affordable at all. They might add an amount to the items as well so they could make up their expenses upon installing that gadget. I am not sure though, however this is two thumbs for me.

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