Preferably For Special Occasion

I am not anymore bringing my Digital camera wherever I go, unlike before that I always put it inside my bag so in case I could see some beautiful spots around. I can just grab my camera and take a picture. One thing that I am not bringing it anymore is it is very bulky since it is big. I could not even fit to my bag now, I could not also just leave it in my car, I am worried that some bad people would intrude my car and take my camera away. I bought my camera out of my hard earnings so it is very important to me. Good thing I have my tablet that I just bought recently, I can take some pictures as long as it is not too dim, it doesn’t have flash so it does not have a good result when the surrounding is dim. Of course, taking pictures from a camera has a very different result, I still prefer the camera but I guess I can only bring it in special occasion.

And come tomorrow, I would definitely bring my camera since my friend and I agreed to meet up to take pictures of the float parade. I purchase a battery that would last the last time my husband is here, so I will not worry at all. I am just so excited for tomorrow; it has been long years that I don’t participate this kind of event. Good thing my kids understand that they can go with me since I will just watch a parade and take pictures for my blog. I mean I already brought them in the mall today and they had so much fun in Zoofari, this time, I mean tomorrow would be my time.

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