Open, Browse And Shop

As soon as they told me that I can just cancel my order with them to order using the voucher, when I went to SM the other day, I told the staff right away that I will be cancelling it. I was surprised because they did not ask me to fill up a paper proving that I really cancel the order. Anyway, I cannot do anything with that, my concern was I can cancel it without any hassle at all so I can place an order again online. Yes, I won’t stop until I have my microwave oven on my hand, I really love it. But I guess on Sunday I have to buy first the top so when my Microwave oven will arrive, it has a place already to settle. I just love this online store because I can shop whatever I want; geez the technology made us wonders and magic, because they can just be available for you. I mean you just have to open your tablet and computer and browse and shop

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