My Performer

My eldest daughter is a performer; in fact she always brought her guitar at school. But her guitar got busted and I don’t have money yet to buy a new one for her. Good thing my brother-in-law handed her his guitar, the thing is it doesn’t have strings, so my eldest daughter tried to pull all the strings from her guitar and put it in her uncle’s guitar. See how techie she was and she have done it perfectly. Even though it was very meticulous to do that she even slept too late at that night but she never gave up until it was all settle. I am so impressed with her determination to put all the string together; I know she loves her guitar so much. And I know she loves to have some accessories for her guitar, she is actually try to  save on EBS Effects Pedals at musician’s friend, oh well I hope she could really gather enough funds for that since she loves to also purchase some other stuffs like drums, pianos and the like. She has some savings in the bank but it is not enough if she would buy all those stuffs.

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