The Old TV Model

We just watch this movie that based in a true story, which happened in 1971. It is a family who got haunted in their new house, one scene there was they flashed the old TV running back and forth. And that TV is an old model, it has a door that you can close and open it if you want to watch. So aside from a twist switch for you to turn it on, there is also a door that you can close and open. The TV was put in a box and has a pedestal to support the box. We have that one before when I was a child, my Dad bought that one day and I was so excited because I was able to watch any cartoon, even though it was black and white. I still had so much fun, there were only two or three programs in a day; mostly it was our president from before who is in TV, maybe announcing or something. Actually, we did not enjoy much watching any program in our TV, because of a martial law, which is I barely understood at that time.

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