My Cassette Tape Story

I love music so when the first album of Britney Spears was released I bought a cassette tape for it. Do you remember a cassette tape? Yeah before the CD or DVD was off to the market, there’s a cassette tape that I always want to buy whenever I will hear new released album. When I need to rewind the tape, I would use a pencil for me to listen back to the song that I always want to hear.

If I am not mistaken, I record my voice through a cassette tape to send message to a friend way back.  I didn’t know if he listened to it, because if he does maybe he came to me and told me what to do or his plans but on the second thought maybe he just doesn’t care at all so he ran away when he got the message through that cassette tape.

 photo cassette_zpsdf056bc9.jpg

Picture not mine

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