Upgrading But It Seems Like We Are Downgrading

I upgraded my Internet connection for faster connection but ever since I hooked up this new modem. My Internet connection became intermittent, I am tired already of hooking up and unhooked all the cables and yet it is still so slow. Even my router does not work very well. I joined the blog hopping and I could not visit all the blogs because of my intermittent connections. Good thing that I ordered my Microwave Oven online, the connection was still good; I could have experience trouble clicking the entire necessary button. Yes it was already delivered; I just picked it up in the mall though because I didn’t have funds at home. Mj tried to figure out the functions the other day when it was already settled with the rack that I bought last Tuesday. We had a hard time figuring out this twisted shaft but later we were able to install the whole part inside and Mj tried already to heat the bread there. How I wish my connection would fine now as the Microwave Oven works fine when we used it.

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