From Manual To Push Button

My Internet connection sucks, yes until now it still so slow I couldn’t even open a certain website for blog hopping, although some are working well. But it is very slow; I guess I can’t finish the blog hopping today. I also went outside so early today I need to look for a door glass for my car. I have talked to some supplier over the phone but they don’t have a door glass available for my Sportage. I have to try my luck so I drove to downtown, I passed by at this street and I saw a sign that they are selling auto glass, so I went down from my car and asked and thank GOD they have one available.

Later they informed me that the roll up used to be manual, it was not a push button thingy. The car owner from before did some modification of the auto glass and that is to have the push button for the glass to climb up. They had a hard time installing the door glass because aside from the roll up is a bit damaged already; the hole was not fit at all. I have to observe it yet until the next day otherwise I will go to my mechanic tomorrow to have it fix.

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