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When my husband finally sent me his confirmation number for his flight this Friday, I monitored it right away. I mean I actually started to monitor it just this Monday and printed his travel itinerary. This is so cool; I can track my husband’s flight online even if there are canceled or delayed.  They would update the record on their website as long as you have the full details you will never get lose tracking.

Last June when my husband told me about the delayed flight from Washington to Michigan, when I monitored it online, they have all the details there. Good thing, they were still able to have my husband on the next flight, although his arrival was delayed one day at least he arrived to us safely. I just want to thank this airline because they have done a good job with my husband’s flight. And I want to thank their active and updated website so I can track his schedules and or with possible delays. I will not get paranoid at all.

Please note that the picture above is not mine. 

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