I Miss The Old Me

I miss the old me when I could just read a book whenever I don’t get busy or just watching TV when all the house chores was all done. But now it seems like being online is a part of my daily routine and I could not last a day without turning the computer on even in our hotel. I made sure to inquire if they have WiFi in every rooms and I found out later that the WiFi does not function at all. I have to go to the pool area so I can be online. I didn’t want to open my computer, I mean this is the chance for me to unwind and have fun with my kids but I can’t since I need to know where is my husband right now, and I also need to know my website status because until it is still not working yet. If I didn’t have a computer right now, I might find myself reading. I mean that was my hobby way back years when I still don’t have a computer to use. It is soundly odd but I miss the old not techie me.

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