So Slow Nowadays

I guess I will not renew my 4 new blogs this time since the work is so slow nowadays, I am patiently waiting for some rain to come but I guess it is not coming. I am losing hope with this passion that turns into a serious bread and butter. At first I only see my blog as my daily updates of my life online but ever since I already earned a little from it I became like I am writing because I know I will have something in return and it gets me so lazy especially when I have to be the one to do things here at home. Actually, I have lost my enthusiast when it comes blogging 2 years ago, when I decided to make another blog. It was only three before and I am so patiently writing stuffs that have a little direction now I guess it is direct-less. And since I no longer working, I really have to work hard again in writing but this time I guess I have to cut those 4. I hope I am doing the right decision but let’s see in this coming days.

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