Computer Re-Programmed

I could not believe it, at first I thought I just need to update my laptop and so everything will be fine but whenever I updated it and when I opened it again, I will go directly to a blue screen. My niece told me, when you will get a blue screen, it means that your computer is in danger. My husband came to the rescue since I keep on complaining about it and one night I could not open it already, the start does not work at all. At first he suggested that we must bring it to the repair shop, but since he knows a little bit about computer and stuffs, he tried it by himself first and then he did it. He just re-programmed the computer and then it works fine. It took a while for it to really fix it but it’s all worth it. Thank you MH for fixing it, we don’t have to spend money for it because it was just easy peasy for you.

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