My Husband’s Phone Last June

 photo HPIM1605_zpsccf18f53.jpg

Last June when my husband was here, he bought an affordable cellphone. He said that he doesn’t anything upgraded cellphone since he will not stay here for long yet. When he is here, he realized he needs an upgraded phone like you can put games on it for him to kill the time while waiting. First week, he keeps on borrowing my phone to play some games, so he decided to just use the spare phone, the phone that I have before. He also plan to bring it to the states and leave the other phone here, we are also planning to set it for roaming just before he will go on October 1.

So I guess since this phone will be left here, I was thinking to use it for a small business and that is for selling some loads. I mean I myself is buying some load so why not buy it from my own loading phone right? This is a dual sim so I can buy like 2 sims for loading business. I was thinking maybe Sun and Smart. Let’s see though, I can’t wait to start a business even if I won’t earn that much but at least I am earning.

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