Zumba For WII

We had WII that my husband bought last June, and aside from the gadget that he brought for the whole family, he also brought some games. Mj and he enjoyed it a lot especially the sports games because we could sweat a lot. This gives me the idea of exercising through WII, I also found a Zumba CD’s from the store we went to before, I just did not grab since my husband bought a new tape for him and Mj and I don’t want to add up the expenses. So this month since we went to the WII store again, I did not slipped to pick up the Zumba CD since I really want to lose weight, my husband also picked up a Mario game, which later on became the least favorite of the family because we prefer to insert the Zumba than of Mario and start dancing with it. It is so much fun but its tiring as well.

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