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Digi Perming

It has been long already that I want a new look and so today I made it real. Oh well, last night I dreamed that I had a curly hair but I didn’t like the outcome so I cut it off. I was thinking of it today and I feel like to check for it how would I look like to have this kind of look.

I didn’t know that this is not the usual curl process but it’s different because they have to put a gadget on each curl to make your hair curly. This is like the latest process of curling hair, the staff said that this is like re-bonding but the different is that they have to curl it and that it should stay long in your hair.

The process was a bit longer than the ordinary curling of hair, although it is lesser than of the re-bonding. It is called Digital Perming because of the uses of the electricity after putting the medicines in your hair. Sometimes yeah I must admit that women can be hard to understand because those women who had curly hair, wanted their hair to be straight while the straight hair wanted to have a curly hair, oh well thanks for the latest technology today because we can do that for like hours and we can have a new look.

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