A Navy Mouse Pad

Unlike before my husband brought a mouse pad with him since we only have mouse pad here at home. The one that he got is so thick I am sure it will not easy to get worn out. I like it so much that sometimes I would borrow it whenever he will not use his computer.

 photo HPIM1625_zps140108bc.jpg

When my husband was about to go back to the States, he left the mouse pad with me since he noticed that the one I had was about to get busted and so I will no longer buy another mouse pad. I am sure this would stay with me forever because of its durability. I also like the design; it made me feel like I was there in his work as a navy before. They said it is a hard to become a navy wife I am glad that it was over too long already, but even if I witnessed it, I probably will still wait for him until he gets home.

 photo HPIM1626_zpsfa6a3403.jpg

My new mouse pad from hubby

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