It Worked!

My husband brought my old phone in the States. He set the roaming just before he departed from Manila to Japan so he can text me with his Smart number. When he arrives in Detroit, he still texted me with the roaming number, which is good because I can text him back with 1.00 peso rate. And since he kept on texting me, he ran out of load. Tonight, we tried if I can send him some load, and yes he was able to receive it! He messaged me right away to try it. I never thought roaming could work but yeah it works and we can send and receive messages every day and every time we want,  and not only that since my old phone is also an Android he can play some games too when he is waiting for an appointment.

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One Response to “It Worked!”

  1. Avi says:

    Unsa inyong mobile provider? kay kami gani, naa mi TMobile unya $5 a month para makatext one to sawa sa Pinas, unya mureceive lang mi sa roaming. gamit kaau ng roaming ui. ug better yet, if you have smartphones, ang viber basta naa wifi ayos na kaau…