Facebook Privacy Is A Must

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FB should be private and should be secure but the thing is the whole idea for this networking site and or other networking sites  is to publicized of what’s going on in your life, or whatever you posted in your timeline because the more public you are or  anyone who is using it, the more the Networking Site is successful. It is not fair but that’s the whole idea of what is the real score of a networking site. Of course our worries are there all the time when we upload our pictures, there’s always the third party who can see it or even your information without you knowing it. This was started when FB changed the policy to automatically share your information however there’s a setting for it that you must know.

So why FB does changed the settings to automatically publicize your information and what benefit they could give them? It is simple, your information is used by FB to mostly manage the service, with advertisements they have in their site. They can of course serve ads in your site. So you must manually change your privacy settings.

First you must go to the Basic Directory Information; this is how your info was shared. Second you must know how your posts are shared and 3rd be aware of the applications that you installed.

If you really want your FB to be private, choose the share only with friends but anyway as they said there’s no fun in Social Networking when it is private right? Nonetheless, if you want to share private stuffs with your family, friends or relatives, I guess FB is not the best answer to it.

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