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The Safest To Post Online

You know that even you put all your information privately; some bad intelligent people can dig all your information. Hackers have their own way to obviously hacked your account and take all your information and worst take over your account. They can post some pictures without your approval at all. So what are those safe things to post online?

First thing you need to bear in mind before posting or before registering yourself in FB. Do not share your personal information, like your cellphone numbers, home addresses, etc. etc.

Second is do not post anything in your timeline in which you are not comfortable to do so. I know how cute your kids can be walking around the house with underwear only but you just have to be careful about it as there are some pervert people out there.

Third when your kids are into Facebook, especially when they are below 13 yet or even 13 above, parents should supervise them when they go online.

Those were the tips the safest to post online; the next topic will be if you would allow your kids to go online even they are not in the right age as required in FB.

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