Want To Delete Your FB Account?

If you are tired seeing your news feeds and you are fed up of updating your timeline, and you just want to stop. These are only 3 steps to delete your FB.

If you are using FB connect to your log ins to your other site, just log in each of your sites and log out. If you want to continue using them just change the settings and connect it to your other accounts except FB.

Then just go to http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account. The steps are just counting like 1, 2, and 3 you just have to follow the instructions then hit the “Submit” button to delete your FB.

Do not log in until 14 days or at least 3 months, after that all your posts and comments will be also deleted from FB, if you want to make it live again you can visit the site before 3 months.

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