Useful Apps To Avoid Flakiness

So you cannot get yourself together because of a heavy schedule? Here are some applications on your phone that might help you and your schedule.

Use Evernote: Delete some files that just scattered from your phone, used evernote in one as it allows you to group varieties of files, like media and even voice recording, in this way you will not scramble the next time when you look for a certain file that is much important.

Quicknote can also be an application for you, it is a digital post it that you can put right on your home screen so when you open your computer, it will pop up just right in your home screen. How can you forget your appointment when the moment you open your computer it is already there to remind you.

Habit List: This is similar to Calendar, this apps helps you to identify your commitment, with a chart that tells your history for example jogging at 6 in the morning etc, etc, In this application you can just simply type you want to do by today or the next day and highlight it. It also has an auto call back feature so you can call the person that misses you a call right away.

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