Giving Up The Nikon Digital Camera

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I have my Nikon digital camera before but since I bought a new one last Christmas, the Nikon was set aside. It was just hidden inside our drawer waiting to be used. My daughter used it before but the lens kept open, my daughter said it was run out of battery so it didn’t close. Recently my sister borrowed it during her son’s birthday and was wondering that even she charged the battery the whole night, it still didn’t work the camera. I have got rid of the idea that the whole camera is damaged already, I just told her that maybe the battery does not work at all. I advised her to just find a battery similar to what I have and maybe it will work. I hope it will work though otherwise she will be just wasting her money to buy a new battery. I planned to just use the camera to my daily activities for blogging however I guess I will have to give it up to my sister so she can use occasionally.


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