Ring Sets

My husband is not so meticulous on jewelry; I mean he is always go for the cheap ones. I am not saying that I don’t like the wedding ring that he bought, I love the simplicity but I wonder how much it is, lol. On the other hand, when he asked me to marry him, he did give me a nice, I guess pricey, simple engagement ring. I was amazed with the big diamond stone that I always make sure I will not lost it. But if we  engaged just now, I might suggest this engagement ring and wedding ring sets, all in one. When he gave me the engagement ring, I was already sure that he is the one so why not make it all in one right? We might have saved lots of money, if ever. Oh well, it is not our fault anymore if it’s only this time that they offered these ring sets, I mean I was not that techie before though unlike now that I am always in front of the computer. Imagine, it is already almost 12 midnight but I am still here tapping my fingers just to finish all my task.

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