From Wobbly Video To Steady Video Result

From the birth of my youngest until she was like 2 or 3 years old, I always videotaping her and downloaded it in you tube. That time, you tube does not have features for wobble videos so I have to make sure that my hand was steady every time I took a video. I did good with my uploading videos and I always see to it that my husband watch it, at least since he is not here, he can still monitor Faith’s growing up days.

On the other note, when my eldest daughter decided to be a swimmer and continue her training, during her first weeks of training, I always took a video of her especially when she join a competition the first time. However I had a hard time making it steady because all of them were in motion so I always change my position and one more thing I can’t help but to shout for joy when Mj swim faster than the other. But it is always a problem when I have to upload it in you tube, because of the rapid movement.

Good thing that you tube now has a new feature and that is they will fix or organize the wobbling of the video. It is indeed a great help for me. You just have to observe my video below; before I uploaded the video it was so shaky that you might get a headache when watching it.

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