I Have To Leave You Crocodile

I saw it just a minute ago and now it’s gone

This is what I uttered in myself when I can’t seem to see my blogs at all. This is the first time or it was 2nd time that all my blogs under this crocodilegator just slipped away, I mean it is not up. I waited for it to be up again but the reseller said it will take them long time to fix the server. So she decided to migrate the blogs to another webhosting. And to those who would like to unsubscribe under her will be free to do so, but I guess most of us does not want to leave. So she tried her best to accommodate us all. I was too busy that week, and the only vacant that I had is only Sunday. Sunday, I could concentrate of what to do and not what to do. I even jokingly said that I will have to reserve her time on Sunday. I don’t feel like updating the remaining 2 blogs that are alive since 5 of my blogs are down. So I just make it a day not only a day though but days to just leave it and busied myself to the offline world. We also had a competition at that time, so I only have slim time to be in the computer.

Sunday came, I started to message my host, and she told me to change the name of the server from that gator to another one. I successfully changed it on Saturday yet, so it is not really that difficult for me to response to her for her to make another cpanel for me. It is just that I have a hard time putting my blogs to the cpanel. And the worst most of my blogs were not back up so I have to ask her again to spare me if she could make a backup for my other blogs through the old cpanel. I am just so lucky that she response my request and successfully made a back-up and oh the theme of my blogs? I will have to share that in my next post. I tell you it is not that easy at all and I really have to thank Mabelle for the help.

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