My New Header For My Other Blog

My other blog Mary Anne’s Musings has lost its theme after it was live again. That theme was free from my host to my other blog Sahm’s Dining Diary; I just edited the title of the header for my Mary Anne’s Musings. It was not easy but I was able to do it but now I forgot what applications I went to for editing.

The other day I decided to just hire someone to make a lay out for me, the same artist I contacted before for the rest of my blog, Rye Yanne however she told me she is closed for ordering lay out, she gave me a free theme instead. I used it right away but after like how many days since numbers of us love the theme and used it for their own blog, I mean who will not gonna use it for a theme? It is so beautiful and the color is very attractive and it really fits for fashion blogs and the like. I really love the color, and the format of the lay out it is so clean and neat, so to make it different I just change the header. The problem is I don’t know how to do it at all. My niece who is an IT student voluntarily tried to modify the header.

She used Photoshop to crop the image from my previous header, she put some designs on it and viola it is done! Rye Yanne also told me where to put the code for my header; I also change the color of the back ground. So from this header:

 photo 422073_3247530823252_284327891_n_zps89835fb6.jpg

To This Header:

 photo GreenThoughts_zpsbb6f2a86.jpg

And the latest:

 photo MARRY.png

Which one do you like most? I am sure you would choose the second one oh there is no doubt about that, because me too I would choose that one however since I am using the third lay out, for me it is the best. (pulling my own chair, huh?)

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15 Responses to “My New Header For My Other Blog”

  1. All are girly, and not for me…but it’s good for your female friends.

  2. Yesh says:

    I would choose the second one too! Which CMS are you using? I’m using WordPress for my blog since it is more customizable (in my opinion) than Blogger. Plus, they have plenty of high-quality themes too! Contact me if you need any help with regards to designing, let’s see if I can help. 😀

  3. Dhemz says:

    I like it…it’s very feminine and pleasing to the eyes.

  4. One can definitely see the evolution! The last one is the best.

  5. Nova S says:

    This is very wonderful, I like how the header transition, it will gives you a newer look.

  6. juliana says:

    Oh you’re so right. I like the second one too. It’s clean and definitive. However, the latest is also good. Can’t you switch back and forth?

  7. Change is good especially for blogs. I like the new look.

  8. betchai says:

    i would be so lost if free hosting in blogger would be gone since i have no idea at all about lay out design etc i so love the three headers, but i think the 2nd one go very well with the words as well

  9. papaleng says:

    Now, I know who to contact if ever I’ll set up my Fashion blog. Wow! si papaleng maglaladlad na. lol

  10. Wow good for you that you know how to tweak coz I don’t. I still rely on Rye hahaha.

  11. jo-anne says:

    I like still the 2nd header. haha. But the 3rd header works for me too

  12. Mari Bella says:

    Wow! How I wish I can also make a beautiful header for my blogs.

  13. Ria C says:

    All the transition are really pretty. The latest one is super because I love the cursive fonts used.

  14. For me I prefer the 3rd one. But of course, the owner will have the final answer. ^_^

  15. Algene says:

    The latest one is my favorite from the three headers. It looks bolder <3 I also love the color!