How Gadgets Does Affects Children That Would Lead Them To ADHD?

Mobiles, Tables, and Ipad are merely the causes why nowadays the rate of having ADHD kids or simply hyper increased. Let’s say for example a kid, who is playing with Ipads, it is only like him and his game. It looks like he is concentrating but nope it’s not. When he is playing on the tablet, his mind is processing information, which means his brain is working harder that makes him lose concentration to other task. The ability of concentrating hard to the game and not anywhere is the sign of hyperacidity. You watch out when he is not on his tablet, I am sure he will be so handful.

I am so guilty of this that looks like Faith is being hyper because of us giving her gadgets while in the car or when I don’t want to be disturbed. I thought it was okay but it is not. Giving her gadgets or let her watch TV could not help her to do well in school and our daily activities. The more we send them to play games in their gadgets; we send them more to isolation of developing an emotional dependency to their gadgets.

Russell Barkley, a clinical professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina, said

“They can also create false personas about themselves that are more positive than is realistic and thus make virtual friends online better than in person.”

To understand more of this articles how gadgets can affect our children you should read the whole article here, Parent should be aware of this like I am now from now on maybe I should minimize having Faith used our gadgets.

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