Barely Six Months And Her Phone Is Not Functioning Anymore

When my niece asked me to buy her a gift on her birthday, I thought a new cellphone right away since she does not have any at that time. I mean she have a cellphone that I gave her but that was from Mj and the cellphone does not work as well. So I save some money for me to buy her a new phone. That was just June that I bought her a new phone.

Yesterday she complained that her phone was turning on and off and she was able to make a remedy of that. She searches it over the Internet how to fix it but new problems arise, she could not connect to WiFi. I was surprised how it can be damaged while she just had it on June. So I told her I can’t do anything with it, there’s no way I will buy her a new phone. It cost me like P7, 000 to buy that phone and it was only like barely 6 months and now???

The only caused I could think why she have a problem with her phone is that she is using it even sleeping; she would put it on her bed and while sleeping she is also listening some music. And because it is on the bed, there’s a chance that she could lie over on top of her phone. There are already like a million times I advised her not to do that but she is very stubborn and did not listen so she is dealing with the circumstances now and that is having a phone without a Wi-Fi.

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