The Best Diesel

The Ford Powerstroke is one of the best diesel engines on the market. It is renowned for its brute strength and long-term durability. Although the Powerstroke engine is certainly impressive, its true potential can not be realized due to the restriction caused by some of the factory components. Here are some of the best performance upgrades to buy for a Powerstroke diesel engine.

Performance Air Intake System
The factory air intake system on the Powerstroke engine is very restrictive. The installation of a high-performance air intake system will allow the engine to breathe in massive amounts of fresh air. The increased airflow will ultimately lead to a major improvement in overall power.

Performance Exhaust
Not only does the Powerstroke’s factory exhaust system emit an uneventful sound, it also limits the amount of horsepower and torque that the engine can develop. Unlike the factory system, a performance exhaust is designed with no restrictions that impede the exhaust flow. The deep tone of the exhaust note is a major benefit to most diesel truck owners.

Performance Programmer
A performance programmer is an electronic device that enables the diesel truck owner to fine-tune the performance parameters of their vehicle. If the owner has done any other performance modifications, the power programmer will allow the owner to extract all of the extra power by making a few adjustments.

Upgraded Intercooler
Upgrading the intercooler will allow the Powerstroke’s turbocharger to work much more efficiently. A cooler turbocharger usually equates to more power.

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