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My Niece Phone Was Stolen

If Mariel has her phone broken, my niece Moreen’s phone was also stolen. See how bad it is even the year just started yet. She said the other day when she was riding a Jeepney, she placed her phone inside her pocket. There was a man who just got in, she suspected that it was the culprit because the guy went down right away even just one blocked away from she hopped in. When Moreen went down to go to school, she checked her phone in her pocket but she can’t find it anymore, she miscalled it still there is no one answering.. In the afternoon she miscalled it again, it rang but they did not answer it. Later when she rang it again, it sounds like the sim was broken already. The next day she told me right away that her phone was stolen. I am disappointed, these kids doesn’t seem like taking extra care with their things sigh!

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