1.5 MBPS

The PLDT said they don’t have a new slot for my new address, I was then thinking for resolution just to get an internet connection. I tried to call the SKY CABLE Company and said they can set me up a free Internet connection for 15 days. But then it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi connection and my husband needs a connection too while he is here. This week I called them again and told them to get me the 1.5 MBPS with Wi-Fi their 3 MBPS does not have a Wi-Fi modem, and their free IC is 3 MBPS, which cost me also a lot. I asked my husband if the 1.5 mbps is enough for me to use, he said it is already fair enough for FB, Blogging and even Alexa Blog Hopping. Today is their supposed to be their visit but the weather is not cooperating although the in-charge said they might give me a visit anytime today.

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