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Internet Connection From Sky Cable

The schedule was supposedly last Saturday but geez the weather is not cooperating that the technicians in SKY CABLE postponed their installation of my Internet Connection. They promised to be here last Monday rain or shine, I asked them to be here at 5:00 p.m., since there will be nobody at home the whole day because Faith school just started last Monday.

My husband secured me that 1.5 mbps is just right for my blogging and some stuff. Since PLDT is hopeless already I am thankful that SKY CABLE is ready to catch me with my Internet Connection.

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Although my Internet Connection is working great, yet I still want at least my land line retain, however when I went there today, they said even the cable is already not available. They wanted me to use the same landline that I had before and then want me to use the same Internet connection but I told them that it was their decision and said that the new address does not have a slot. The in-charge called some technicians and has my place re-check. Oh well let’s what would they find out.

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Alexa Hopping While Waiting

I am always busy especially during weekdays because I am the one who send Faith to school, sometimes when she’s at school, it will give me the chance to pay my bills, grocery shop a little and the like. But since there are times that I am vacant, I will just go to Global Pinoy in the SM to sit down then I will just go back at school when it’s time for Faith to go home. This time I would like to use my time to do blogging or blog hop, I could be busy at home too, mopping and cleaning the whole, if I would bring my mini laptop with me, while waiting I could also blog hopping so there will be no pending hopping at all and I could join the Alexa hop every day. You see, I bought a plug it when I didn’t have the Internet connection last few weeks, my husband also used it when I didn’t have WiFi and since I already have a WiFi here at home, the plug it will be set aside. Now I want to bring that for my blogs so not to waste my money when I bought it.

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