Alexa Hopping While Waiting

I am always busy especially during weekdays because I am the one who send Faith to school, sometimes when she’s at school, it will give me the chance to pay my bills, grocery shop a little and the like. But since there are times that I am vacant, I will just go to Global Pinoy in the SM to sit down then I will just go back at school when it’s time for Faith to go home. This time I would like to use my time to do blogging or blog hop, I could be busy at home too, mopping and cleaning the whole, if I would bring my mini laptop with me, while waiting I could also blog hopping so there will be no pending hopping at all and I could join the Alexa hop every day. You see, I bought a plug it when I didn’t have the Internet connection last few weeks, my husband also used it when I didn’t have WiFi and since I already have a WiFi here at home, the plug it will be set aside. Now I want to bring that for my blogs so not to waste my money when I bought it.

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