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Touring Us To Japan Airport Through Cam

My husband bought a new laptop. That laptop supposed to be mine but since I could not wait for  him anymore, I bought a laptop here that I am using now so the laptop that he bought, it is the one he used whenever he is on travel. I am really thankful that even though how heavy it is, he still brought it so in case he can get an Internet Connection in the airport he can update us with his travel.

Just like today, I had my laptop open while watching TV. Minute later my computer received a call from Yahoo, it was my husband. Faith was so excited to see her Dad, her Dad showed us the airport in Japan. They had a good connection there that she was able to contact us. It is just saddened us because he have to log out pretty soon to catch up with his next flight but even so we are still grateful that we were able to chat with my husband even he is on travel.

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