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I Am Confused

Yesterday the PLDT called me and inform me that they will check our new address for possible slot. I hope they won’t re-connect my DSL Internet Connection because I already have it with Sky Cable. And so far I like the connection; it is fast enough for me to browse and all that. What I want to have is the land line since it is really helpful when my husband have to call us through land line it is cheaper than the cellphone. I know how reliable the PLDT is but sometimes I just don’t like their service they are so slow when responding the customer. And they always leave the customer with no choice, I had been bugging them to reconnect my Internet but they always told me that we don’t have slot now when I want to have a land line they are working for the whole package because I am not yet done with the contract. Geez!!!!

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Compared Today

My daughter was so happy last night because she received a precious gift from her Ninang, a pick from Taylor Swift concert. She could not contain her happiness when I told her the pick is in my bag. She even told me that it is the pick that she chooses when they chatted online. I am so happy for her; Mj is experiencing all the things that I didn’t experience before. Do you know that I wanted to join ukelele band member at school before but since we could not afford the ukelele, I was not able to join and besides it is hard to find an affordable ukulele before compared today, you can just browse ukelele online store and viola you can find cheap, but durable ukelele in an instant. On the other hand, it is not too late to learn right? My eldest daughter is doing her best to teach me how to strum although not in ukelele but with her guitar. Her new guitar was a gift from us last Christmas.

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