CCTV Of Today

Due to high technology everything can be accessible even the most hidden crimes can be traced because of CCTV. I have seen so many crimes in TV that because of CCTV they were able to identify the killer and the whole details of the crimes. I guess everyone is following the Vhong Navarro’s case. But you be aware because there are videos that are fake just like the picture below.

 photo 886-Vhong-Navarro-lsquoCCTV-Footagersquo-of-Navarro-Beaten-Up_zps4f74667c.jpg

When I tried the link it, it would redirect to another website and would like to download something. So I knew it then that it is a scam so I did not push through.

But this CCTV that was presented by NBI from the condominium of the girl, really represent how high tech we are today. However I hope through this CCTV or any CCTV of any crimes can really help the victims to seek justice.

 photo CCTV-of-Vhong-Navarro-Video-Footage-of-Deniece-Cornejo-Cedric-Lee-Matching-One-Side-of-the-Story-WhenInManila_zpsa5d70a7e.jpg

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