Don’t Fall For This Scam

There are many scams over the Internet, just now I just watch somebody who got scammed for a package. My sister was almost got fraud. She really believed that there is somebody who would send a package for her. This man said he sent laptops, Ipad, Iphone and there is even a box for Yolanda victims and money inside the package. She told me that she gave my address and the package will be sent here. Last Monday, I asked her if it was really send, she said she needs to pay a certain amount. According to her, the Bureau of Customs already sent her a message that the package already arrived however it was hold in the Bureau because she needs to pay like P10, 000.00

Good thing though that she went to Bureau of Customs office in the Airport and asked about the package. The Bureau said they don’t have that tracking number and they said this is a scam. My sister showed an e-mail and said that in the letter their office was stated, the Bureau said that their office does not text or e-mail recipients for a fee. They took the e-mail from my sister for their files; they said that they have to take an action for it already because there are many people already complain for this kind of scam. The Bureau said that the day before my sister went to their office, a woman asked for her package because she already paid it through Western Union. The Bureau told my sister that she did a good job of going to the office to inquire for the package before sending money otherwise she would be one of those victims.

 So guys if somebody would tell you that he or she will send package to you, inquire it first to the Bureau if its really true, don’t fall for this SCAM.

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12 Responses to “Don’t Fall For This Scam”

  1. Very nice indeed that she went alone to the Bureau of Customs office. As for me, as always my system; online transaction must not be involved with money.

  2. Joy says:

    there are really a lot of email scams nowadays, the reason why we really have to be careful, that is a good move from your sister

  3. myfurryplace says:

    There are so many of these scams and we really make sure that we dont fall into it. Im glad you did check before wiring them the money.

  4. that is scary Mommy A 🙁 I am glad that you never believe in their bait or else you lose your money, 10k is a lot of money to pay for custom 🙁

  5. betchai says:

    wow, glad your sister was able to escape the scam. indeed, we should be very careful, thanks for sharing this experience.

  6. Pinx JL says:

    Oh my! Good thing your sister went ahead to inquire, otherwise she would have lost the 10K! There are just so many scumbags everywhere. We should always be vigilant and aware.

  7. THere are so many frauds like that nowadays. Glad that your sister did not pay the fee and verified it first.

  8. juliana says:

    As always, we should practice prudence in dealing with strangers, more so with online transactions or online business dealings. Glad your sister didn’t fall prey to the bait.

  9. jane says:

    wow i’ve been receiving many scam via email as well but this is the first i’ve heard this. and if ever I won’t be accepting it if i dont have any papers or antyhing for myself glad you got to know the truth

  10. Rcel says:

    It’s always awful to be a victim of a scam! I am glad your sister was spared from the “almost” situation.

  11. Marie Clara says:

    I almost fell for this kind of scam before, good thing that I already thought that something’s not right the moment they asked me to send them money. Shame on these kind of people!

  12. lencilicious says:

    I am very skeptic when it comes to paying a money in exchange for something coming from someone I don’t know. Your sister did a great job of going to Customs office to verify that.