No To Cyber Bullying

We sent the letter to the Principal last Monday and I am thankful that the head of the school responded to the letter positively.

One of the things that I don’t like the Facebook as a tool to disseminate pointers for Exam is it can be used in Cyber Bullying. I had seen one or two students there, their pictures was posted in the page and made fun with. The admin of the page took an action right away after I wrote a comment and seek for the Admin’s attention. But it is too late already since it was posted last December yet and many students already seen that picture. I have to thank my friend Claire for helping me make a letter and made out some strong points why Facebook should not be allowed to their academics. I strongly against for Cyber Bullying and so I strongly believed not to allow students especially in Elementary and High school to get involved with Facebook in regards to their academics and so I say no to Facebook for giving Exam pointers.

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