Don’t Be The Next Victim

I know that dating online can be somehow effective, I mean I met my husband online too but on these days, I think we have to think a million of times before we believe to our chat mate. The tutor of my daughter asked me about a package, she said that it was her neighbor who asks for help regarding with a certain package. She said that she met the guy online last December and said that he will be sending a package with so many gadgets inside the same gadgets that my sister told me when she received a letter from the Bureau. I advised the tutor of Mj to have it check in the Customs if that is true, they went there and the Bureau told them they will have to wait for the package though but if they will get a message telling them of a fee then do not believe it as it is a scam. The teacher thanks me for the heads up regarding with scam nowadays otherwise her friend will be the next victim.

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