Game Over For Flappy Bird

It was my niece who downloaded this game recently but I already heard this game from our coach and friends. I thought this is another version of Mario Brother’s game but nope it is not. It has the same image of angry bird but this time the bird needs to fly in between pipes and make sure you will not bump it because one bump can make him die. Just one bumps not two or three and so that is why I just reach up to 20, my niece made it to 64. Anyway, this game take it to the top just recently, which makes the owner, gave up. Yes he deleted it already in apps because according to him, his privacy was being invade and he could not take it anymore. Nguyen also added that he is not selling the game, he just want to take it down. Good thing we already downloaded the game to my phone and so we can still enjoy the bouncing of the bird.

 photo download1_zps567d2ef8.jpg

The picture is not mine

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