Internet Connection Is Out The Whole Day

Geez it is too early when we have a power outage here and until this time they don’t know yet the reason why we had a black out, I mean the whole Mindanao is suffering for it. The school of Faith messaged us that we don’t have class today because of the power outage but later on the electricity went back. I was really looking forward for the electricity to get back because I have pending task to do online but to my disappointment, the Internet connection is still out, I keep on calling the Sky Cable Broadband hot number but no one is answering to it or it gets busy. I even called them in the pool but still the phone keeps ringing only. It was already almost 12 in the morning that it went on; I was already frustrated about it that I planned to go to their office tomorrow, good thing it went back on, thank GOD!

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